Parents called security on me. Are they right or wrong?

My parents called security on me after I completely snapped.

What exactly happened was:

I was just minding my own business was going into my room with my laptop. But my mom is strict when it comes to using computers to long and what not, so, she starts to pick a fight with me. Just a normal argument. Then my dad joins in and I begin to feel cornered. They start calling me these horrible things like not normal and that I need help (Note: I have severe depression and haven't been speaking to them for about a week at the time). So I give my laptop up in hopes they'd just leave me alone and already under pressure and feeling stressed out, I hid under my bed sheets and tried to shut out the noise and sleep or whatever. But they refused to leave and kept yelling at me and making me feel worse, because depression (Note: This is officially diagnosed). So then m dad decides he need to show that he has control of the situation or something and yanks the blankets away and I just got so pissed. I started screaming and punching him and throwing things. Yes it was a mess. I kept trying to just leave the room to calm down but he kept trying to restrain me from doing more crazy stuff. So I start to cry and scream and bang on the walls and pull my hair out, out of frustration. My mom called security and my dad kept telling me to calm down.

What I'm asking is, after pretty much provoking me to just flip out, were they right to call security? Was I really getting out of hand in the situation?


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  • They were wrong. I know the feeling where you just want the noise to stop but it keeps coming and coming. They provoked you and failed to address the situation correctly. However, remember it is their house and it is their house rules so abide by them.

    • I understood their rules about my laptop usage so I gave it up. But they kept arguing and I didn't even argue back to them. :/ I just handed it over.

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  • You were going out of hand as much as they were. You shouldn't blame yourself because its motly their fault. I dont think they provoked you that much on purpose, especially if you said you have diagnosed depression. It maybe happened that they were minding you some things you didn't but didn't wanna tell you to upset you, until they bursted

    • That makes sense. But I really wasn't out of hand at first. I was quite calm and didn't argue back with them. I just wanted them to leave me alone. But I do understand that they were upset I wasn't speaking to them.


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  • You are in the 18 to 24 range and you are not allowed to be on your computer to do what you want? Different...

    • I put higher age when I made an account. Trying to be more anonymous even though I could ask question anonymously xD But, I'm close to being eighteen. Just two to four years.

    • Well I see be careful then...

  • They should realize no one is normal everyone is different and no its not right their trying to take too much control on you


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  • If you don't like their rules and requests, you can always leave and set up somewhere on your own.

    You will then at least have total freedom to do as and what pleases you.

    • I wish I could. But my current situation does not allow me to.

    • Then sadly am afraid you must grin and bare it, and try your utmost to keep your emotions and temper under control.

      Try and prove that you can, and will be a better person than your parents, who by the sound of things could possibly do with some professional counselling.

    • I'm trying my best and I have been seeing psychologists and therapists. However, it hasn't been easy since the appointments haven't been consistent and I've been tossed around to different people for help.