Do men realize that real school uniforms are not sexy?

I feel like this is something people who grew up in countrie, s that don't have school uniforms, don't get. real school uniforms are ugly af. I mean where does that stereotype even come from? It can't be reality

Before my parents moved to the US I went to school in Ireland and Japan, both countries that require school uniforms. And yes it was an Irish catholic school but their uniforms didn't look sexy or even remotely attractive
My boyfriend recently asked if I still have those uniforms and if I could put them on for him. And I mean ya I could but it's not gonna be pretty. In Ireland and the UK school uniforms in general are ugly, like this

Do men realize that real school uniforms are not sexy?
And japan? Possibly even worse. They give you a wide skirt and a wide shirt so you basically look like a bag

And I'm sure it's the same around the world. School uniforms overall are truly hideous. Which kinda makes you wonder where does that sexy school uniform stereotype even come from?


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  • It depends on the uniform! Around here, the private girls' school uniforms are the collared blouse and sweater, with a tartan skirt, the kneehigh socks and the shoes. That glimpse of a little bit of leg is tantalising.

    The Japanese even have a term for it:

    There's also the stereotype/fantasy of the Catholic schoolgirl who spends all day being disciplined harshly and told that the pleasures of the flesh are wrong, while deep inside she desperately wants to explore it all and will basically be a sex maniac given the chance.

    • they do the knee high socks a lot in japan has well, but it doesn't matter if your dress is over your knees and looks like a massive bag

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  • Ahahahahahaa that is HILARIOUS because my boyfriend has been begging me to wear my old school uniform too and tells me that it's a huge turn on. I got it out today and while it's not nearly as bad as the ones on the pictures, it's likely not what he pictures a school girl uniform to look like :P But I'll just have to try to make it look more sexy.


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