Bank card getting decline?

Has anyone experienced with card getting declined whne you try to purchase something?

This happened to me since a phonecall and text to verify that if i have made purchases to such amounts.
I didn't reply and i thought it was a fraud number and blocked it. since then my card was declined and i called the bank and it was working well.

but again my card is declined? like sorry but WTF is going on?

by the way i have barclays debit card


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  • it happens to me all the time. i have a territory of about 100 mile radius so my cards are always being declined because i am here and there all the time. i solved this problem by just having a lot of credit cards so one will always work no matter what. just call you bank and tell them that its you.


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  • yes... usually it happens when a making a bunch of purchases within a short amount of time.

  • It's for your own protection.


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