Parents refusing to give their adult daughter her legal documents?

First and foremost, I'd like to know if this is legal -

My parents have been refusing for more than a year now to give me my legal documents (passport, birth certificate, etc), despite that I am now over the age of 18, a British citizen, and therefore don't have to live with them anymore.
I have searched the entire house, and right now have just overheard that they are at a location which is outside the house.

Their excuse? They don't want me to run off and join ISIS (I have NEVER expressed a desire to do so, and they have no evidence whatsoever to back up their acccusation).

We all went to see the police last summer who interrogated us seperately, and told us that they would investigate and call us back. It has been nearly a year now. Nothing.

Without any proof of I. D. I can't travel, apply for new documents, apply for a university, get a job, do ANYTHING.

If what they have done is indeed illegal, what do I do next? Do I harass the police to "hurry up" ?


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  • This is your life. You must take control of it. Make a decision if you want to step out there and try to live on your own.

    You may call the police. Those documents are legally part of the British government and the government granted you the use of it. You parents have no legal standing to hold them. They are technically, holding you hostage and you must seek help to get away from them.

    There is help line from the police exist for people who are being held hostage because their spouse or family is hiding their legal documents. This is more common that you think.

    You don't have to worry that they will harm your parents other than giving them a really good scare unless you want to press charges which will probably have one or more of your parent paying a fine and expensive legal costs. The police will probably ask your parents to hand over the paper once they managed to confirm your identity. They will probably take you home and ask "do you know this lady?" They would say "yes" and that's all the confirmation the police needs. In case they don't. The police can technically provide the guarantor status for the government to issue you an ID.

    While you 'may' ask the government to reissue them, you will need at least a mailing address and a way for them to confirm your identity. I don't know about Britain but in Canada, most federal office can help you. They might have to contact the police who can ask your parents to hand over the papers. Or produce temporary ID and mailing address while you wait for the official ID (it might take longer).


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  • I don't know if it is illegal, but you need to get them now. Like tell your parents "If I don't get my legal documents, XYZ will happen"

    • They're impossible to reason..

      It's been over a year now. I've spoken calmly, I've mentioned the law, I've cried, I've debated. Nothing.


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  • You're an adult, just get the government to reissue those documents to you. Move out of your controlling parents' house by the way.

  • do you have a photo ID like a drivers lic. then take that to get a copy of your birth certificate. with those form then you can get any other things you need copys of

  • I don't know the law, but usually you can request new documents. Start small with library cards etc. Have bills sent to you in your name. Don't open them. Use those documents to work your way up.

    • How can I request new documents while I have no way to prove who I am?

    • Start small. If the librarian knows you, you can get a card without ID. Use that for school, say your bag with all your ID was stolen. Get the easiest ones first and use them to get harder ones.

    • See if you can get a new copy of your HS ID.

  • Yes, what they are doing is illegal. You need to get on the police to get this done.


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