What does it mean when you see "Spy disabled" on your cellphone.. Is my phone hacked?

This guy I used to talk to and I'm pretty sure is a hacker.. someone who even said he was a hacker I think has hacked one of my cell phones. I did not install or uninstall anything with the word "spy" what is going on?

And then my camera symbol at the top of my is highlighted as if it's in use even when it's not, so I put tape across the front and back of my camera of my cellphone. Did he hack me? What should I do from here?


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  • Likely you got hacked. You need to bring the phone in to be fixed, unless you know how to do a factory reset. Depending on the software, though, a factory reset may not work. Do it now... Don't use the phone.


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  • Doing a hard reset should probably do the trick, though be prepared to lose some data. Save your contacts' information somewhere else (i. e. write it down, or sync it depending on what phone you have).

  • Remove the battery... then bring it in to the store and have them fix it. you were hacked.


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