What can you do when someone is hacking your stuff to where you can't enjoy it no matter what measures you take?

Every device I bring into my home is hacked, phones, computers, roku, etc. I only have 1 neighbor and 1 friend who sent me the Roku/laptop who could have had access to these. No matter what security I put up, they hack my wifi, they crack my pws, and at one point I turned off the wifi and moved to a direct line and they locked me out of everything, email, etc., and deleted my youtube vids. then, I was locked out of my computer. I've missed appointments from the noises all night, too, and I'm hearing those same noises in my audio during work (medical transcription) every single night. I believe my neighbors are literally terrorizing me due to not getting free wifi off me anymore and the fact I called the police. I've lost income, a LOT of it, including a bonus check, it makes me look bad for work, and I've spent so much repairing his damage - changing services, service providers, gas to get a new modem that was hacked in 24 hours, lost sleep, missed appointments and so on. I've talked to detectives and the abuse people at my ISP. I feel helpless and so distraught. I'm getting to where I'm snapping at everyone including my children and I don't want to be this way, I don't even want to not get along with my neighbors, but know that they hate me (young teens) and even this question was mysteriously deleted and had to be typed again. My windshield also got cracked after the first time I called the cops. I called the cops bc of noises and that I can't even go to the store right down the road or plant flowers with my kids without these people destroying them or coming in my yard knocking over or throwing my lawn furniture in the woods. I've wanted to be peaceful from the start, but I shouldn't have to pay for my stuff for them to sneak on it and also mess me up at work, turn on the camera, etc. Everyone has a right to their privacy and peace of mind, right?


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  • You should move...
    or get some super tough anti-virus stuff... only been hacked by one person... they didn't like the aftermath.

  • I'd get out of the area as soon as possible. It's definitely not safe to live there.

    Alternatively, a shotgun should do the trick.


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