Crazy Psycho making threats?

So there is this former coworker of mine who was put on thedirty. com because she is a bully.
Just recently she told her Ex it was me and now her ex is dropping my name all over the website.
Now he thinks I am the one who wrote all these comments when I didn't. The girl is a sneaky snake who disabled her accounts because she doesn't want to face potential backlash. She got her Ex to do her dirty work.

He is sitting there making threats and talking crap. 143 people commented on the page, and he thinks I magically have 143 accounts. He thinks Im the same person.
What do I do or say? If I ignore won't he think its me and drop my address even next time?


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  • The best thing for you to do is keep notes on any threats made against you - why did she think it was you who done it?

    • She is very catty and sneaky. She would make underhanded insults to coworkers. But she has a guilty conscious. She probably thinks I created the post because I was pissed at her.
      Even though over 100 separate accounts have commented pointing out her messy ways.
      I USED TO work in retail/sales/cosmetics. SO you can imagine the nightmare.

    • Yeah she must have been one bad person and is no afraid her mask will slip of and her boyfriend will discover her true colours she needs to deal with the fact she is a bully and that attitude will not get her far in life if her boyfriend don't see her that way then that's his problem

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  • yiiikes what a scumbag site! I would stop responding to this guy and keep a record of everything he said, especially the threats just in case this situation escalates and you start to feel truly in danger


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  • Can you report it to the site?

  • I would get the police involved. if he is really making threats you can file charges against him.