Girls, do you enjoy wearing bras? Guys, do you get turned on hearing girls talk about bras?

  • very much
    25% (4)33% (5)29% (9)Vote
  • a little
    12% (2)13% (2)13% (4)Vote
  • yes
    12% (2)13% (2)13% (4)Vote
  • (for girls) neutral (for guys) no it doesn't turn me on
    6% (1)27% (4)16% (5)Vote
  • I dislike it
    6% (1)0% (0)3% (1)Vote
  • I hate it
    31% (5)0% (0)16% (5)Vote
  • sometimes I like it... sometimes I dislike it
    8% (1)14% (2)10% (3)Vote
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Guys, would you get turned on if a girl was like "my mom keeps ruining my bras because she steals them but they're too small for her"?

What about if she was like "the back of my shirt was transparent so the back of my bra was visible"?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I much prefer to see women in their bra's than them talking about it. Most of the time when a woman talks about her bra it is how uncomfortable they are or something along those lines.

    If a woman were to talk about how much her boyfriend or Husband enjoyed a particular bra or something along the lines of "my favorite bra is x because of..." that might be better. However, with just complaining about how uncomfortable they are it doesn't do anything for me.

    • What about if they're like "my mom keeps ruining my bras because she steals them but they're too small for her"?

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    • Would you be turned on if a female was talking to you about that? Would you imagine them wearing it if they just told you about it? Haha

    • More than likely yes. I enjoying thinking about what a bra would like on her.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I do enjoy wearing them. They're useful af and make my life easier. I would get chest pain if I didn't wear one. I only like to be braless when I'm at home (won't walk too much) and sleeping.


What Guys Said 1

  • i love when girls talk about there "female" stuff, i may not show it but its there


What Girls Said 4

  • My back hurts if I don't wear a bra for a longer time period, so I'm glad bras exist. 🙏

  • itty bitty titty crew, i hate bras

  • its like a double edged sword right? where i feel uncomfortable with it on but I feel uncomfortable with it off.

  • Meh, it's more of a necessity than something that's enjoyable to wear.