Called the cops on my physically abusive brother now family is shunning me?

My brother and I got into a little fight he took my hair dragged me and slammed me into someones vehicle in public and spat on me and was going around screaming and swearing in the parking lot and tried dragging me out of the car when I sat inside. Of course I hit back out of defense and the deragatory terms he was calling me. He has anger issues and has attacked everyone in my family but if we touch him he goes apeshit. He's done the same thing to my younger sister physically attacked her in public grabbing her hair and everything someone called the cops on him but we fought for him. My family made me tell the cops it was nothing and everyone was mad at me. I'm tired of this I'm so tired of him and letting him think he's the boss. I can't call the cops anymore so how can I defend myself? He's much bigger and stronger. I'm sitting here with my head sore and neck and back stiff typing this. Please help me no matter what he always seems to toss me to the ground every time I try. And I have to protect my siblings too.


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  • You call the cops still. Your family is just making excuses for him and trying to pretend he doesn't have a problem. This will eventually lead to even bigger problems for him down the road, because he keeps getting away with it.

    He will hurt the wrong person and end up in prison, badly hurt himself, or killed in self defense. He needs help, buthe's not getting it.

    The best thing you can do for him is get him arrested for something fairly minor before he does something more serious.


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  • You did the right thing. He is hurting you and other members of your family.


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  • If they won't let you call the cops then bear spray or taser em! You have a right to protect yourself!


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  • Tell the police
    I made the mistake of not doing that and now it is even worse
    Help yourself
    Who cares what your family says?