How do I stop hurting over my crush giving attention to others?

I'm living something of a reverse teenhood; I was ok with jealousy between the age of 16-26 years, but in the last year or so I've drastically lost my self-confidence when it comes to men... ESPECIALLY on social media, ugh.

I'm desperately crushing on a guy who has also shown interest in me, but we only get to see once a year due to living in different states. I get butterflies when he likes something I've posted, lol. But there is this other girl, too. Today I stumbled upon her FB profile and my curiosity got the best of me - I lurked. He has liked every single one of her profile pictures and 90% of her posts, while he's been ignoring what I post for 2 months... she's also mad about him, liking and commenting everything so I feel quite down, because it's clear he prefers her rather than me.

Honestly, I feel quite shitty. He's a player and he will get any attention he can, but it's a bit unevenly spread. The non-rational part of me still feels hurt about it. I'd like to just stop feeling this :(


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  • The easiest way to getting over a crush is asking them out. Even if it's a no, it will hurt, but only for a while and you would be over your crush in a few days. It's like taking of a band-aid real quick, and plus it allows you to move on faster.


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  • If you made her yours, she wouldn't give her attention to anyone else