Is it weird that I enjoy talking to people on here more than I do on Facebook?

I know everyone on my Facebook list but for some reason, I enjoy interacting with people on here more - even though I haven't met anyone in person.

Do you think that's weird or what?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Not really, it's just like you said. You already know everyone on your FB list, but a lot of people here are strangers so there's more to get to know.

    • Good point. I didn't even think of that :)

    • Thanks for MH! :)

    • Well here you can put an anonymous post without having your name plastered all over it. I think it's good, because people can feel comfortable asking something they were afraid to ask. Without identifying.

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  • Because if you didn't like their status or posts they get offended and gonna hate you lol
    So it's not weird if you did enjoy it here!


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