Why would he want to purposely try and hurt me and is this stalking?

Okay so there was this man I was seeing for a year but he was chasing me for four years before that. Turning up places I was and so on. Anyway I had this withheld call that called me through out the time I new him and they just listen to me down the phone. So we stopped talking four months ago I told him to never contact me again and blocked him. Anyway I changed my whatsapp pic to me and a man the other day and soon after that I started getting withheld calls again. And then he messaged me out of blue asking how I am and he has put his profile pic of him in a girls room. Pink walls and perfume bottles behind him. Is this done on purpose? And is it him who has been calling me on withheld. And if so why is he trying to hurt me? Is it because my picture I had up. He also has a new number now which I think he may have got on purpose because I blocked the other one


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  • Sounds like he has some issues with you


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  • It seems as if he is not over you and is keeping track on what you're doing. His new photo may be to try to make you jealous, but I can't know that for sure, of course. As for the calls, it's possible, but, again, it may be someone else. Can you call your phone provider and let them know of the issue you're having? See if they can do anything to assist you in this matter because the calls are an annoyance at the very least.