Will introverts always get ignored in social settings throughout their life?

I want to ask it from old people if it is possible, that is it true that introverts will never get accepted socially no matter how old they are.
I am not talking about it in term of whether it is fine or not I just want the fact.
I always have been an introvert but it was not until high school I got bullied and ignored like that, will it possible that in my 30's or 40's people with their life experience and the level they get they will start to accept introverts again?
Why is it people do not like when an introvert do not talk much in a group so everyone dislike them?


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  • I'm introverted, and I'm not always ignored. Most of the time, though, I do prefer to be in a small group of people I already know. That's what I am more comfortable with, but I don't mind talking to new people one-on-one.

    • It is easier for girls on both side; girls are kind, comparatively soft, and less competitive and hold neutral attitudes in life which make girls seem normal in life than guys so it is easier for an introvert girl to blend in a group of girls, and whenever a girl is introvert or extrovert most of time will guys just come to them so it is easier for girls to get a boyfriend...
      Guys, in general, value peers in masculinity, assertiveness, an image of looking worthy on the outside, and they will value vanities like being dignified all the time to be treated like a man, so for an guy introvert it is hard to blend in as guys in general are like that...

    • Thanks for MHO!


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  • Because introverts sometime can be suck. They're in a group but they don't want to respect the others (I mean they don't know what to answer another person question because they're too afraid or they even ignore what people say). I have some friends like that, I'm very close to them. One day, one of them (which is sit right beside me in the class, always) asked me about a statement that was replied more than one time from my teacher, she asked me "what did he say?", oh see, how could I don't mad with her? Some introverts are too busy with their own mind so they can't follow the society. Me myself is an introvert (57% of me), but it doesn't mean I can't socialize with people. Human is a social creature, we need another people to be 'alive', so don't be 'too introvert'. You can be busy with your own mind but don't be too busy and ignore this life, because this is the earth, a place to stay. And it's NOT true that introverts will never get accepted socially. It's wrong.

    • You are right but you are too young, those disrespectful introverts you have met might be just being young and childish not really because of their introversion. You are only 15 I had less issue to deal with about my personality when I was 15 because at ages like that people won't think much about anything.
      When you get older like 20 either you will have no problem with it or your problem will get bigger and complicated when people start to worry about future and what they really want in life and from that point things start to get real and I hope you won't experience it.

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    • By the way I'm in high school but fortunately they don't bully me.

    • So lucky lol

  • They think that introverts do not want to get approached. That's why they avoid them.

    • I know it and I think it is disgusting.
      In that case it is the extroverts block out the introverts who want to social.
      Introverts are the ones to blame too but it is in their nature so this world should divide those two different types of people I guess..

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  • Being an introvert doesn't have to mean being a total social outcast. 9/10 times I would prefer to be locked away in my room with a good book/new T. V. show than at a party with 50 people, but I recognize that every now and again I need to get out there. If I never left my room I'd end up totally out of touch with everyone.

    • Yes but others think you are and they do not accept you in a bigger community when you have to pick you small circle of people from it.

  • It is not true
    Introverts has their way to communicate when they get together.
    I had been seeing carnegie training but I feel disgusting about it that
    it just want people changing it but still have inspiration in it.
    However I think dont need to worry about it.

    • Yes, what I am saying is it is hard for us to get together when your potential friends are being together with other extroverts at the moment.

  • Yes.

    • Unfair, they are spoiled making new friends all the time..

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    • No, I meant the way that extroverts think of introverts kind of made what it is today how a introvert's social life turns out and on this aspect it is unfair. Not the fact that introverts have less friends is unfair...

    • We're on the same page.

  • nope. i think we, introverts like our own small circle, and its ok to not socialize.