Any people good with computers?

So, i just built my first PC, So, Im a bit of a f*cking retard when it comes to hooking up monitors and stuff, (I am use to gaming craptops so this is a new thing for me).

And, On my PC i got a 980Ti (The outputs are whats in the picture). And, basically, I saw a 1080p monitor i really liked and a good price too at a store near me, So i bought 1 of them and hooked it in, (What im using now) and want to buy 2 more of them, Problem is though their only imput is HDMI (Which is fucking weird considering they dont have speakers?), Anyway, If i have 1 HDMI slot in my Card, And i need to hook it up to 3 monitors, How do i do that?

Any people good with computers?.

Is there like a 1>3 splitter cable i buy or something? Will my card handle 3 monitors going out of 1 output?

I have never done this before, Cheers.


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  • I would recommend getting some HDMI to Displayport dongles or HDMI to DVI dongles. For the HDMI to Displayport you would need a Male Displayport to female HDMI to connect your cable to and with the HDMI to DVI you would need Male DVI to female HDMI.

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  • Have you tried a multiple HDMI connector?