Can you write something about another GAGer in a Shakespearean line?

For example: @CHARismatic110 thou's skin is liketh pure honey, As I gaze upon your bosom bewildered I am for you haveth thy bountiful milk jug's.
@consultantisback what tis this I bare witness to? A godly physique chiseled by Michael Angelo himself... an exact replica of Hercules!
@Victorianne @bellegirl21 & @thebravelion please stop this torture! You're beauty has bewitched the. Are the kin to thou foul legendary beast, Medusa? Stone cold is my reaction.
@mistnigqa808 👉💓👌 😂

@smmykittles liketh Juliet & Rosalind our quarrel burns deeper than a bottomless pit (my sister's 🐈 actually)! But Romeo sweet Romeooo is intertwined in my chambers witheth Chips, dip and whip's!
@redeyemindtricks thou tis mysterious as thou are wiseee... tell me your tale's of great conquer and intrigue for your voice is like honey to the bee's. If thou battle... Thy battle's.


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  • Afro-dite9, thou asketh a question upon this morn' christened with dew from the heavens. Alas, my heart lies in torment for such impossible decisions to feast upon. Must give haste. 2 mentions begon before the clock strikes the watching bell. I am weary. Life leaves no kindness.

    @iFarted To fart, or not to fart-- that is the question:
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The stings and feelings of uncalled urges
    Or to let out gas for a crowd of passers

    @XNicholeMariex3 Pale beaut,' thy love of ducks cannot be quenched
    The stars crumble, wither to dust, amongst unkept dreams,
    leaving but one power to be-- duck food with stiched love,
    Spurned from thy pale beaut's generous soul

    • hahahaha the duckies need to be fed!

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    • I don't know if I have any more bad attempts at poetry left in me for the night. I was originally going to do 3 but ran out of willpower 😂

    • Olol dam you're good at that

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  • Umm I suck at this shit, So @XNicholeMariex3 ...#SnowHarpy... I tried.

    And #Asker cuz I only got emojis.

  • Hmm time to put my poetic skill to work!

    @Mistnigqa808 Let me help you lol since yo failed, so let me do @@XNicholeMariex3(s) on both of our behalf's.

    Nichole I would say hie, hither, anon and look and be in the sun ere it sets, but thy eyes are already sapphires, thy smile already pearls and thy skin already snow. Unlike the sun which only glitters like gold, thou art truly golden.

    And that is is how you write Shakespearean ! also that piece is now coined and owned by me.

  • Afro- dite9, thou art the fairest maiden ever to grace the orb. Woulds't that the chickens would envision ye with less dread!

  • Thou bawdy doghearted blind-worm!

    How many of these do you want? Here:

  • What hast happened to thou @SweetHomicidalQueen wherefore is thy imaginative wit as of this bewitching hour? Hast thou deigned a connection within this mortal realm only to become bogged down with thy aging decay of mankind's lament? Oh, how we long for the insouciant humorous version of thee from yesteryear.

  • @polocrew
    Twinkle twinkle little micropenis,
    How I wonder what thee art?
    Up above the skirt thy lie,
    Like an asshole in the sky.

  • For suth she is but a shrew
    Yet, truly not but a whisp of a thing
    Of course, betwixt thee and I
    she doth intrigue so, yet nobler not to speak.

  • hahaha I am soo flattered and impressed :)

  • @archiz

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet."

    • Lmao ur funny!

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    • So how was that? :p

    • You really did that ir is it copy paste? :o

  • Haha too much flattery :P it ain't true xD

  • Nah I ain't got any friends here yet

    • Tag whomever thou pleases... if they refuse thy shall FLAGETH their page for eternity. its just for fun try☺ anyone u like, u don't have to know them lol

    • Uh @teawrecks thou is sexy af and I triedeth so I give up iteth

  • How odd.

  • yes I can tell much about THUNDERSTONRS!!! SHE IS AMAZING

  • y emommy


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  • Lmaooo 😂😂😂

    Thou art thee absolute picture of crazy, but I surely doth loveth thee anyway! ❤

  • @red_arrow Thy words drip with honey when thy speakith to the

    • I knowest not to what you believeth I am speaking, for thou hast forgotten to endeth thy sentence with the object to which "the" referest.

    • @Red_Arrow
      It is to my sorrow that I suck at Shakespearean language but thout knowest exactly what the is taking about. Thou speech is dripped like honey in to Thou ear and makes thy heart thump in thy chest