Any good anime to watch?

i was thinking about getting 'b gata h kei' it's really funny. But before i make my decision, i want to know if there are other cool animes. keep in mind, i don't like horror ;)


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  • What have you watched already? I like Fairy Tale, One Punch Man, One Piece and a bunch more

    • i have watched persona 4 the animation, watamote, and one episode of b gata h kei on youtube. I'm definitely not an otaku yet, but I'm getting there eventually XD
      by the way do you know anything about s. a. v. e. (super amazing value edition) anime's? if you do, can you tell me why those are so cheap? are they censored or something?

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    • ah i see. i figured the quality of the anime itself wouldn't be as good as the original. and i really thought it was censored because they used "save" as an abbreviation XD i thought it would be safe for kids or something. even though they used a "V" insteaf of an "F". anyway, thank you for helping me ^-^ I'm gonna buy b gata h kei now. really looking forward too it! :3 by the way i wanted to get into fairy tail but there are 13 dvds and they're 50 bucks each. you can see why I'm reluctant to buy those XD

    • Oh yea, SUPER long series, but it's good!

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  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Nadia: Secret of Blue Water
    Mobile Suit Gundam (first series, Zeta Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Victory Gundam.. In other words, the Universal Century storyline.. NOT Gundam Wing)
    Galaxy Express 999
    Tenchi Muyo!


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  • if you like Horror you MUST watch Hellsing Ultimate. If you want something a little bit action and comedy I suggest the classic Dragon Ball series. The Z and Super series are also good.

  • Shimoneta. Very very perverse anime, consult a doctor before you watch.

    Attack on Titan. Blood blood everywhere...

    Naruto Shippuden. Ninjas!

    • I'm thinking about attack on titan, but i thought that anime was way too overrated. at least thats what some of my friends told me.

    • Watch it yourself, rate it yourself. AOT is brutal.

  • Elfen lied.

  • "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress" is a new series and seems interesting so far.

    there's also "bocu no pico" which has a good slice of life and romance ;)

    • screw that bocu no pico! you watch it if you're into that stuff!! XD

    • every real anime guy knows it's a trap when bocu no pico is suggested xD