Who else doesn't like to be called pretty because it makes you feel bad?

Who else dont like to be called pretty because it makes you feel bad because you feel like if you were so pretty as people tell you are you would have had a boyfriend or at leats dated by now?

From about the age of 13 i got told that I ha great body, and looking back to when i was 15-16 I looked quite good. But at the time, especially this one other girl, would comment on things about my body that I wasn't even aware of myself. They werent negative things, but it did make me very aware of the smallest things of my body, and as a reults of that i got super paranoid that everyone was looking for flaws in me and i got insecure obviously. which lead to things like extrem dieting (I wasn't fat at all).

In additon i "learned" that the good thing about me were my looks. So automatically i assumed that being attractive would get me a boyfriend at some point. But when that didn't happen i just lost more and more self esteem, and i got a bit bitter too. i was thinking "if im so pretty as people tell me I am, how come guys rarely show any interest in me?". So when people tell me im attractive I dont really belive them, and if i do date a guy I assume he's only there because he wants sex.

Luckely im on the road of recovery, and im slowly getting more confidence in other areas. But yeah, when someone calls me pretty i just think they are saying it just to say it which makes me feel worse and a bit annoyed.

Some girls need to hear they are pretty all the time, im the girl who needs to hear im fun to be around often


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  • I'm so similar to you but with a twist. I was an ugly teenager and I thought no girl would ever find me attractive. Girls always called me gross and fat back then and it shattered my confidence. Now 5 years later, my body matured and now I get women looking at me all the time and it makes me feel like I'm creeping them out. I don't believe I could be considered cute or attractive.


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  • I too feel somewhat weird when I receive compliments since I don't look all that good.

  • I do not like being called pretty either.

  • No one


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