I feel lonely, unwanted, and kind of depressed/Stressed out, any advice?

Ok so i just turned 18 today. A normal person would be undeniably happy on their birthday but unfortunately I'm not. It's just that there has been a plethora of different things going on in my mind. I have 3 days left of high school and I'm soon to move on to college. That means I'll have to do a lot more stuff on my own which doesn't worry me too much, but I've always been a cautious person. I literally beat myself up if i mess up even a little. I've always been like that.

On top of that, I've never really had a girlfriend. I've always been rather quiet and insecure about myself. It's just the way i am. I prefer not to bring myself out there most of the time, yet for whatever odd reason, i stress about not being able to attract girls. I don't know what girls think about my looks but i doubt they think highly of me.

The Transition from teenager to adult as a whole seems kind of scary and i don't want to mess up. To make things worse, it seems like a lot of my peers don't share the same feelings i do. They always seem happy and are intelligent with the best of grades and lots of friends while I'm kind of the outcast. Is it normal to feel like this much of a loser? It's almost to the point where i question if i really have a purpose in life... It makes me Melancholy, discombobulated, and even furious at times...


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  • My advice to you is to have fun. To be blunt, we're only going to live until we can't anymore. With everyday that passes of you worrying is another day gone to the same thing every day has been eaten by. When 5 or 10 years of your life disappears with little to no memory of what happened during that time, then you'll have a new worry: regret. Regret in the real world is not like regret in high school, this regret is a heartless one that really eats away at your soul leaving you to long for those days or that moment back with all of your being. But even if you do get to that point it won't be too late to start living your life. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!


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  • My advice would be to focus on your education, not girls, and to pick a degree that will translate into an income at the other end of the rainbow.
    Liberal arts, psychology and even law are a waste of time and money.
    Science, engineering, or IT will give you skills that can be turned into an income.


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  • Of course it's normal. Don't worry so much. You will never get this point in time back, always try to think in the present. Feeling bad is just a waste of energy and time and soon enough you'll realize just how pointless it is to feel like this. I truly believe that life has no purpose, when we die none of our every day worries will matter, but I don't see that as a bad thing. I think it's great. Live your life how you want to live it, do what you want to do and try to have as much fun as possible. Whenever I feel bad I just remember that time passes, however slowly, and soon enough this worry won't mean a thing.

    • And also, learn to be alone without being lonely. This basically means, love yourself. If you love yourself enough to want to be around yourself then other people will want to be around you too. Self-love shows.

  • Do you think Low self esteem personalities are attractive?

  • You don't sound like a loser at all. I've felt like that on my birthday before too. I'm actually feeling down today too. I feel like a weirdo because I spend so much time with my family vs people my age. I think everything will work out just fine for you. The right girl will find her way to you.


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