He bought his friend a gift?

He bought this girl who has a long time boyfriend shoes as a graduation gift. The girl is friends with his ex. I don't understand why a guy would buy a girl a gift with a long time boyfriend. He knows I like him by the way and knows I like shoes. This pisses me off because it makes no sense. What do you guys think? She already has a boyfriend to make her feel special. I think his a piece of shit for doing this and it's a turn off


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  • Lol I bought a wedding gift for my best girl friend. Does that make me a piece of shit? 😂😂


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  • You know that friends buy each other gifts from time to time right?
    Sounds like you're just jealous.

    • Nope that sends the wrong idea I would not be able to do that for a guy friend without his girlfriend getting pissed off

    • Yeah whatever sweetie.

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  • You're just jealous dude. It's very clear you are butthurt about him buying her shit and not you. Just chilllllll.