Why am I like this?

I have no one who will tell me that I'm even a little good looking... Why do I want someone so badly who will tell me I'm cute and describe to me how I'm handsome, yet I want to make others feel better about themselves? I can't seem to change it. I'm so stupid :(


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  • In this society that sort of profits from our insecurities, it's super easy to worry about our appearance, especially if no one is giving their input on how attractive you are.
    Don't compare yourself to others, as it will only put you down. We can't be who we aren't! Gain confidence from being who you are rather than losing confidence over your appearance, and you'll be fine! Us girls usually love personality over appearance :)
    Best of luck!

  • for me, my family won't stop saying I'm good looking and I'm just a sensitive person. i like it when people are honest with their opinions on me. i feel like everyone is lying when they say i look good.


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