How do I change myself?

Alright so.. I have a problem. i am a shy person. not the "cute shy" type of person. i'm so shy i feel like im about to explode when i try to make myself say goodmorning to someone i know. i get so nervous that my mind goes blank, so whenever there is someone i don't know very well I feel as if I "forgot" how to talk and nothing comes up. im sick and tired of being like this. im sick and tired of being so afraid to say good morning, or good bye, or even have a simple conversation. There is a guy that I finally find cute and I can't even gather up the courage to talk to him! what can I do to change this? whenever I try to talk with someone i feel like something is choking me, or that its hard to breath...


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  • Changing oneself is possible but usually requires outside help like professional or spiritual


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  • Have you considered selective mutism? It's an anxiety disorder, and it sounds like you may have it

    • I red about it but.. some of the stuff i don't really feel like are true about me.. besides i still need to change myself at the end...