When u hear someone will get married, how do u feel?

first of all, I feel surprised. cuz marriage is the graveyard of love.:) maybe u will lose freedom soon.


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  • SO HAPPY OMG. i love it when people get married =]
    a lot of love is happening this year lol. i have a friend's engagement, a cousin's wedding and then all the anniversaries coming up eek! :D

    MEANWHILE... I'm sitting there waiting on my future man :P


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  • When i hear marriage, that biological clock starts ticking really Really loud. but i know what that entails... i ain't stupid. you call it the graveyard of love, in a sense, i do agree. im my sense, i call it the beginning of the "third 'ring" which technically is... well... the death of love lol

    • lol, my buddy, maybe u have experienced this thing before.

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    • I think that everyone is struggling for life now. so I have nothing to complain. do what I love, love what I do, I don't care how people look at me. it's gonna be me, maybe people don't like my straightforward ness. but I hate wearing a mask each day, shit, all fake

    • amen to that


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  • It depends on the person. If it's someone I genuinely care about, then you could say I feel happy for them, but if it's someone trying to rub it in our faces how "lucky" they are or someone I don't like, I just smile and congratulate them and inside I'm just like, "Whatever. I don't give a flying fuck. We'll see how ugly your babies will be." 😂

    • lol u r so funny. I think that the girl who will get married is my friend. maybe the only thing I can do is hope she is happy, not curse at her. haha

    • hahaha give her my love XD

  • I'd feel bad 4 them lol

  • Sad, but happy. Sad that I don't know a love like that; but happy that they do.

    • but I believe that u will find your love one day, it's a matter of time.:) the saddest thing :the bride is not u:)

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    • Aww perhaps :)

    • where u from?

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  • I'd feel very sorry for them. I feel like I should send them a card saying "Enjoy it while it lasts"

    • it seems that lots of people don't wanna get married nowadays

    • Play it out in your head, your happy relationship with your girlfriend, your passionate, romantic love could go on for years, and the prospect of no permanent attachment brings you two even closer.

      Then, imagine life after you get married. Stuck with this person, for the rest of your life.

      Just play it out, in your head