Do you have a bucket list? What's on it?

I'm graduating high school and getting my AA next week! I really want to make a bucket list, and thought it would be cool to see what other people have on theirs... It can be mundane or about travel or sex lol... I know know some people have more than one that are categorized...


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  • I started writing one recently, it's currently short, but ambitious.
    1. Vegas
    2. Skydive
    3. Ashes Test Match in Australia
    4. See a Lion/Tiger in the wild


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  • I've maintained a bucket list since I was 12. An actual written one, saved right in the middle of my desktop. I credit it with motivating me to become "that friend who's done all the crazy stuff." I've become a sailor on a real tall ship shooting cannons. I've been on the Great Wall of China. I've climbed mountains, played instruments, eaten tarantulas, and done all sorts of exciting things. I've currently got 67 things on it (both accomplished and not), so just randomly choosing some, I've got:

    Play a game of golf (since I never have)
    Climb Mt. Fuji (since I speak Japanese and am in and out of Japan every now and then)
    Go deep sea fishing
    Make a fire without a lighter

    They don't have to be "visit every continent"-type things (although that's one of mine) because if they're all hard to accomplish, you won't do them. Sprinkle in some easier ones and then choose a few each year. ;)

    On the sexual side, my SO keeps that list by adding to it anything I agree to join in on. ;) So someday, sex on a ferris wheel is gonna be a thing.


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  • Visit all the major cities in Europe, and have the local street food.

  • I do not.


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  • I'm going skydiving one day, I'm sure of that