How do I take life more seriously?

I am sliding back into my old habits.

How do i stop it!

What are your old habits?

How do you not fall back into those habits?




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  • Recognize yourself slipping backwards before it's too late. Write a list of the signs you are slipping back into old habits. For me.. I know I'm becoming depressed again when I start leaving things on the floor in my room and tossing clothes around. I have to force myself clean my room. To prevent his now I've put a note beside my door that I read every morning. It says have you cleaned your room? I roll my eyes every time because it's the last thing k wanna do first thing in the morning but it only takes 5 or less minutes compared to letting it all pile up and having to spend 2 hours cleaning. It's worth it and makes me feel accomplished. I start the day stress free knowing I did something positive.

    If your thing is spending too much time on GaG or playing too much video games then set a timer. Any more than 3 hours of "screen time" a day is considered unhealthy. If you spend like.. Allllll day doing this then to start out just cut the time down each day as much as you can. Don't just do a cold cut from 16 hours to 3 because you're going to feel dissatisfied and antsy. Eventually work your way to only 3 hours a day. There are tons of other awesome things you could be doing with your valuable time :)

    As for emotional eating I suggest digging deeper and doing some self research. Why are you feeling emotional? Learn more about yourself. In the mean time, change what you're eating. If you're binge eating at least try to binge on healthy food.

    Good luck

    • Thank for MHO and good luck to you!


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  • Some of my old habits were staying up until sunrise, playing video games ALL DAY, eating fast food everyday, and drinking many cokes a day.

    I don't stay up that late anymore because people tend to make more noise in the morning, I don't play video games all day anymore because at the moment I've played just about all I've got, I don't eat fast food every single day anymore because I ate a greasy boudin and a greasy corn dog one day last year and I threw up all of that grease. I hate throwing up and that was the first time in years so I had to stop. And I stopped drinking so many cokes everyday because I lost weight and they're more flavorful now. Oh yeah, and cutting back saves so much money. Money I could be using to support new habits like Victoria's Secret and colorful pens. Yes I like pens.

    • So what motivated you? How do you stick to your ambitions?

    • I don't want to get sick, plus waking up early has a ton of benefits for me like watching videos without hearing my neighbor's loud lawn mower.

  • Have a goal and work towards that


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  • Like what habits?

    • GaG
      Playing games instead of working
      Emotional eating
      Daydreaming too much


  • What are your old habits? Just keep projects going so you always have something to do and you could advance your career.

  • Life REALLY shouldn't be taken seriously.

  • Don't. Don't take life seriously. It's a fucking joke dude. Seriously. Just keep doing your thing