What does it mean if a guy is amazing in person but never calls or texts?

So I met a guy in school and when we talk it's great. Usually I get incredibly nervous around attractive guys but I don't with him. We're both a little immature and awkward and for some reason we both really like Chocolate milk. We just get along really well, at least I think. When we're together he offers to pay for things and he offers to drive and meet me. When we're on the phone though it's completely different. He sometimes doesn't even respond to my texts and I usually have to text him first. The last time I texted him we were going back and forth and then it was just silent. Now I really wanna hang out with his this weekend, but I don't wanna seem needy.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes it sounds like some of the girls that have had a relationship with. ..

    • So is it a bad sign?

    • Yes I'm afraid so... If it was me on the other end ,, I would be texting you all the the time... You would get tired of me texting,, calling, and hanging out...

What Girls Said 1

  • He might have a girlfriend or is not into texting that much

    • He doesn't have a girlfriend. I thought he did but he told me he didn't.

    • It's odd strange though that he doesn't respond don't you think.