I think I have bpd, should I go talk to my doctor about it?

trying to sum this up short. my mood constantly changes and its always to the extreme like extremely sad, mad, happy, etc. and i hate being by myself even for a short period of time, i usually have one of my best friends with me and when they aren't here I get really sad and sometimes angry. i'm constantly scared that one of my 2 best friends are going to get bored of me or something and leave and it makes me so scared all the time, and sometimes i get really angry at one of them for the smallest things, i never really show it to them but i just sit there and bottle it because i'm scared i will push them away. I moved 12hrs away in December and since i didn't know anyone i got really depressed and stayed in my room when i wasn't at work, and i got so attached to my phone and was constantly messaging my 2 best friends and always started overthinking on certain texts because i thought they were being distant, i've just recently moved back by myself and now live in the same town again and one of them asked me to be her grad date and i got really happy but even after that whenever i'm not with one of them or just a good friend i'm scared i'm going to lose them for whatever reason. i drank one night by myself, i've never done it before but i did it because i was angry at one of the girls and i ended up getting insanely sad and tried making food but burnt myself on the oven and since i was drunk and sad i kept doing it a couple times and now i have burn marks on my arm, some i think will scar, they've both seen them and i just told them it was an accident but it wasn't and i think one of them knows and she said she is never letting me drink alone again and cook, she didn't ask me about if it was actually and accident but i'm almost sure she knows i was lying because its fucked up and embarassing. should i talk to my doctor or is he just going to tell me its nothing?


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  • Ask your Dr to refer you to a psychiatrist. They make the diagnosis

  • You should absolutely discuss this matter with a doctor.