Im Joining The Hells Angels?

im 22 Years Old, i live in Germany - Bonn and i have a harley Davidson, and i was thinking joining the hells angels my friend told me that you have first to be as a hangaround then a prospect and then a Full Member, i have no problem with that, anyone who ever was to an Outlaw Motorcycle Club Has any starting tips for me?


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  • No tips just a positive note...
    I grew up next door to some Hells Angles, their daughter and i were best friends for years. They were very nice people. My family and i never had any problems with them.

    • You know that hells angels say if you ever were or are a pedophile/child malestor you are not allowed to join

    • Yes i know, they are usually decent people who do not tolerate drugs, abuse, child abuse etc...

    • Look at the links in German and English I gave.

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  • Here in Europe they're peddling drugs, selling unauthorized guns etc. In the Netherlands motor clubs wage gang wars, L. A. style , killing each other, arsoning etc.
    Here, in German for you:

    Another one in English:

    • Prison fodder thus.

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    • Thats why the are called outlaw motorcycle clubs
      99% of the people follow the laws im the 1% thats why the are called 1 percenters
      They pay good and im a motorcycle enthousiast

    • "They pay good"
      That smells: any normal club like a sports club makes its members pay.


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  • Really man? The HA don't mess around in these parts. Not sure what it's like where you are. Hope you're never hoping to get a job which requires a background.

  • dunno but i like the sound of motorcycles

  • That makes just so much sense 🙄

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    • So you think your are all that because you're from Bonn huh. Okay mr super IQ go back and count your numbers. That's what you're good at anyways.

    • lolololololololololo

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