I want to hang out with my crush... is this a stupid idea?

I've come up with this plan to befriend my crush this summer. I really wanna hang out with him again, and thought it'd be fun if we went to a Rangers game because he's a baseball player, and has been talking about how he really wants to go to one. Our best friends are dating, so I was planning on inviting them, along with another one of his teammates, because last time we all did something together after their game. I just think this would be a great opportunity to finally reach out to him, and celebrate the end of their amazing baseball season. Now I plan on paying for everyone's ticket and driving them there, so really all they would have to do is say yes. I really wanna do this, but my biggest fear is that it'll be a complete failure and he'll say no or something, which I know isn't the end of the world but I don't wanna put all this money and effort into something useless. Should I just go for it even though we don't really talk? Or is this a stupid plan?


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  • Better yet tell him how you feel about him before you buy tickets. Then you'll know if you need to buy any


What Girls Said 1

  • Do your plan. You will regret it more if you decide not to do this!!! :) He plays baseball... how bad could it be? Good luck!!