I keep having dreams about someone trying to kill me?

And most of the time it's my fiancé. Sometimes it's my real dad. Other times its both of them together. And then there's times its just a random ass person.
But this is like the only dream I've had the past couple years.
And the whole dream is me trying to get away from them andnobody else will believe me that they are trying to kill me. It's really weird that it's a recurring dream.
I also have problems with sleep paralysis quite frequently.


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  • Did you have any traumatic experience that you think could relate? Or do you think there's some symbolism in it, somewhere? A metaphor? I presume the dream is accompanied by a lot of fear? Do you think that same fear is relate-able in any way to the relationships you have with those two people? What are you afraid of, essentially?

    From a meditator's perspective, I'd see a dream as an expression of unconscious repressed emotions. Personally I allow myself to watch the thoughts and emotions spring up, be in them, without buying into them, if that makes sense. I'm not sure how practicable that is for you.

  • You just have nightmares. Normal for some.


What Girls Said 1

  • Any clue about why they were trying to kill you in the dream?