Ecological changing?

I find ecological changing near my home, I am living in a city where were sparrow around here.
But now a kind of white head bird around here, they seem to eat meat and swallows then eagle built a nest here. I saw a hummingbird last week. I told a person today he said we dont have humminbird but I really see it.
So maybe this kind of people make it, I heard a news that a chain is formed.
Farmers hate birds--> some of people help them to catch them (career)-->they sell birds to religou groups--->religious release them--->birds fly back to farm.
Maybe a little change make big change so sparrow disappears.
Is it good or bad? and the economical cycle is formed, is it good or bad? Maybe the economical cycle that I want to solve on another filed. The cycle is really a cancer but people can not break it.
If it is you how do you break the chain?

Ecological changing?


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  • kill the farmers, break the chain.

  • Things vary from year to year. This year where I am we had a very cool spell in late spring and for some reason the rabbit and chipmunk population exploded.