Girls, who would you save and why?

Girls, who would you save and why?Inspired by this question I decided to switch the case. My question to you ladies is:

You are put in a situation where your current or future husband/boyfriend is about to sacrifice himself to save your child's life. Would you let him do it? You have only split second to make a choice - either stop him and have the child die or let him save it and lose his life in the process. You cannot do it yourself. You can only choose to stop him or not. What will you do and why?


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  • If he's trying to save his child, I have Np right to stop him. It would make him feel incredibly bad for the rest of his life if I did.

    • I never said it is his. It might or it might be not. It is certainly yours. Would you change your mind?

    • If he wants to sacrifice himself for someone else, then I still have no right to stop him. Its his life

    • thanks for mho

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  • I don't know it's hard to choose.

  • I'll save the child who has not yet lived his/her life.