I am becoming very very reclusive. Should I be worried?

i have some really good friends and a great family. Even though I have always been introverted, I used to love spending time with people.
I spent the last year in a different country, and while I enjoyed myself, I felt very lonely at times and I couldn't wait to come back home.
However, now that I am back home, I find that I prefer being alone. I am not depressed, but just prefer my own company, something which is unfair to my family and friends. I have also changed a lot during this time, preferring to not reveal my emotions even to those closest to me, and preferring to engage on a superficial level, which is very unusual for me.
Is this just a personality change or is there something to be worried about?


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What Guys Said 2

  • No, it's actually self awareness. Humans are social beings but alone time is good so you can truly find yourself and discover your passions.

  • I'm pretty reclusive myself.

    Not someone who likes being around people very much. But I'm a goth, so I don't know.


What Girls Said 1

  • i wouldn't be concerned about it just yet; it sounds to me like you just got used to your own company and are readjusting to your regular life/having people around again.

    that said, if it continues and you're concerned, definitely reach out to your doctor. maybe s/he can put you in touch with someone who has experience in your issue specifically.