My iPhone isn't working, can anyone help?

Anyone who knows about technology , I recently updated my iphone 4g to the Ios.9 and now i am having problems with the phone calls. If i call someone automatically it wouldn't ring and the call would end and if someone try to call me then automatically i go to voicemail.. Please help me find a resolution because i need one very badly !

P. S don't google any resolutions online because i tried *#31# , removing the sim card, resetting my network, resetting my settings , holding on the home button and the button on top of my phone, don't have a mac so i can't go into an itunes account. So helppp pleaseeee

Steps please not just sentences..


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  • OOoooohh... here come the geek squad...
    yo @Mistnigqa808 you wana apply a hand here?

    • lmao im in a #GAG geek squad? 0.0 LOL. And I don't know much about phones ^_^

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    • Should've thought about that ughhh ! but I just rebooted my phone to factory and now its going to be the way it was when i first purchased it. Hopefully it workss *crosses fingers*

    • you do know that problems with calls... could be a service issue right?

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  • Have you paid your bill? Contacted your service provider?

    • I payed my bill but i can't contact my provider because i don't have warranty on my phone so therefore they won't have a discussion with me because i would have to pay.

    • This may not be an issue with the phone though, could be an issue with its.. "Link" if you will with the service provider.

      It's worth a try anyway right?

      I don't have a warranty on my iPhone yet I've phoned up a few times about issues, whilst not the same as this similar, and they helped me resolve them.

  • Pay your bill.


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  • Call apple store!

  • Make sure your bill is paid, make sure you have reception, try a reboot and remove the sim card while it's off, contact your provider

  • Can you downgrade the software or reboot?