How to fix a lagging game on the PS3?

My PS3 has been serving me well ever since I got it, which was about 1.5, maybe 2 years ago. Now when I play games, it generates a kind of loud sound and it gets hot quick. This has never been a problem though. Today I bought 'Last of us' and I played the first part. In the second part the world became laggy and it was just white everywhere. Everything dissapeared. That kind of lag you know. And I restarted it and shit, a lot of times, but now it's not loading anymore. How do I fix this?


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  • Ok the loud sound tells me that the fan intake or exhaust is clogged. Get some canned air and blow the sucker out. if that doesn't work take it to a repair place and see what they can't do. Your machine over heating, and making loud noises are signs that your fan is either clogged or broken. Please dont play it any more until you get that looked at it will YLD on you if you continue... If i lived close to you i would happily fix it, i can tear those apart in my sleep and fix them.

    • Yeah I thought of that. Canned air though? I don't know where to get that. What is YLD? I'm sure I don't live close to you, sadly. But thanks for the offer.

    • yellow light of death... and canned air can usually be gotten from the office supply section of any store. Its for blowing your keyboards out and stuff.

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  • 1) try cleaning out the vents with some compressed air. It's probably overheating, which happens.
    2) check your game disc. If its dirty or has lots of scratches it could freeze up the system. The same thing used to happen to my ps3 when I tried to play a certain game til I cleaned the disc.
    3) try deleting the old save file and reinstalling (though this has only happened to my ps4)
    You should prob make sure you play in a well ventilated place too.


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  • i have had issues like that and how i fix them is deleting all the auto save data and keeping one save date file the most current one.

    • Alright, thank you. I noticed my ps was very hot on the bottom. I put mine down horizontally, you know? So maybe it just needs to cool down, I put it on its side now

    • i use mine vertically never up or anything it being flat has always worked for me. and your welcome

  • The "loud sound" was your cooling fan either clogged with dust/pet hair/crap or the fan itself dying. The reason the fan is in there in the first place is because the CPU and GPU require airflow over their heat sinks in order to dissipate the heat they generate. If they overheat (like you let happen), it can break the solder joints that connect the chips to the motherboard, which requires a fairly expensive, professional repair to fix.

    So, before you try to use it again, you need to open up the case, clean out the fan and heat sinks, and then turn it on and see if the fan spins freely without noise. If it does, you're all set - put it back together and play. If not, then you need a pro repair job.


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  • I don't own one! but maybe check your internet access!