What is your ideal life?

Sometimes I feel as though my ideal life is running away to the mountains and living with a husband I really truly like.

I am *so* tired of all the he-says/she-says nonsense.

I would almost like a life where it's the two of us, with occasional interaction with people but that's it.

Except you know, there's no income and that would suck.


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  • Rich, leaving in modest home, surrounded by intelligent people that display good judgment, and using my money to help the world.

    • Intelligent people annoy me. I don't know why.

      They think they're better than everyone.

      My dad was really 'educated' and my mum was... not. And naturally I felt more of a connection with my mum so it was okay for me to be around uneducated/dumb people.

    • Eh, there's different types of intelligence, some people gravitate to different things. The type of intelligent I'm referring to in this case is the type that displays sound judgment.

  • You'd be surprised how much you can make if you manage your land correctly... You need a decent acreage and patience but you can live large in the middle of no where if you know what you are doing...


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