Have you ever been on vacation and been ridiculed or tricked by the locals?

Back in the nineties, while visiting London, I went into a McDonald's on Kensington High Street. My order included "fries". The two teenagers said they were all out of fries. I decided to go somewhere else and left confused. In the U. S. a McDonald's would never run out of fries. Later it occured to me that they were probably pulling my lariat because I called them "fries" instead of "chips".

Anyone else?


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  • Not ridiculed but I remember one sorta funny experience from when I was in Italy with my girlfriend two years ago. We were in Lucca (a small, beautiful town in the Toscana) and went into a small bakery that sold homemade panini with all kinds of different cheeses you could choose from and different types of sausages, which they also made themselves.
    So we go in there and I ask the guy in English (my mother tongue is Swiss) what he can recommend us. He reacts really snobby and arrogant. First he actually just ignored us and went to the back room, saying he had to get some stuff done before serving us. When he came back, I asked him again and he just said in a very grumpy tone "we have panini". I could tell from his English that he wasn't bad at it, he just didn't want to talk to us. My girlfriend asked him what different types of sausages he had, to which he simply replied "I will give you this one", pointing to one that didn't look very good (although there were tons of very yummy looking ones). As it went on, it became more and more clear to us that he simply tried to discriminate us because he thought we were Brits or Americans.
    We were still trying to get our order through when a French couple entered the store (until this point, we had been the only customers). Instead of finishing our order, the guy simply left us standing there (told us to wait) and started talking to that other couple. Instead of accommodating linguistically like my girlfriend and I had done, the French couple was being very French about it and spoke to him in French, expecting to be understood. As a Swiss person, I thought that was rather rude (we are used and taught from childhood to accommodate linguistically as well as we can and we find it rude that French, German or English people just talk their own language everywhere they go). Anyway, to my surprise the shopkeeper was excited and suddenly became all cheerful and talkative. He spoke French to them and explained them in great length all the different kinds of bread and cheese and sausage and how to make nice combinations etc. I got really pissed because I could tell that he was just being an asshole to my girlfriend and me for no good reason. I don't know any Italian but I do know French of course, so when the other couple was done and he finally came back to us, I spoke to him in French. First, he looked at me in a very sceptic way, only to suddenly lighten up and become all nice and friendly. We tried to laugh it off later.


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  • Nah, I haven't had any issues while traveling. At least that wasn't too big of a deal in your case.

  • lmao I wouldn't get upset over that, maybe laugh though. But every time I go out of town I ask for pop and a dumb mf know's what I mean and say's"Soda?" So I give them that evil mama glare and then I get my pop lol


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