I am so lost in my life. How can I be happy with myself and not search for gratification through relationships?

I just graduated college and am a freelance dancer in NYC. I feel like I have no purpose in life. I am sad almost all the time. I feel extremely lonely and I desperately feel like I want a relationship with this guy I have been seeing although I dont think he feels the same and this causes me to feel more sad. I shoudl know better because in the end relationships always have left me more hurt and more closed off than I already am. How can I be happy with just myself and feel fulfilled in my own life? I am so tired of feeling thi uneasy and sad I feel like I am wasting time in my life but can't snap out of it :(. Any advice would be so appreciated:).


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  • You've only mentioned a solution (relationships) but not the origin of the problem. Do you have people with whom you share interests and confidences? Do you have friends you trust? Has something traumatic happened?

    The only possible advice I'd give is to try to find a way to be comfortable - not glowingly happy - alone. First, friends and relationships are easier for a relaxed, confident person to get and, especially, maintain. Secondly, you'll feel less reliance on relationships.

    Also, I don't know if it's an option, but a complete change of scene - moving to another city or state - can work wonders.

  • Congratulations on completing your degree. It sounds like you are depressed. This is not unusual, college can be extremely stressful. I was horribly depressed after college. My advice is to find a good therapist if you can.

  • Go on a trip ( spiritual ).


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