UFC 199 what are your predictions who do you think is going to win Luck Rockhold or Michael Bisping?

  • Rockhold beats Bisping and Cruz beats Faber
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  • Rockhold will beat Bisping and Faber will beat Cruz
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  • Bisping will beat Rockhold and Cruz will beat Faber
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  • Bisping will beat Rockhold and Faber will beat Cruz
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  • cruz dominates faber and bisping has the fight of his life and wins the middleweight belt and promptly retires.


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  • Much as coming from the UK I should wish success on Bisping, all I want to do when it comes to combat sports is wish the best for Ali!

  • Rockhold > Bisping
    Cruz > Faber

    No doubt

    • How do you think cruz will win?

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    • I can't believe it! I thought rockhold would smash him!

      Faber got psyched out after he got rocked :(

    • Yeah I had faber win the 1st round and the rest were 10-9 for cruz I had him winning 49-46 that straight left in the 2nd made him more hesitate. I hate how the ufc never does more than 3 fights with the same fighters