When do you remove torrents?

When do you decide to remove torrents?
I keep them forever, unless I delete or move the downloaded file so I can't seed anymore anyway

  • I keep them forever
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  • When I reach a certain upload/download ratio
    0% (0)17% (1)17% (1)Vote
  • After having them for a while
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  • When I have loads of torrents
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  • As soon as it downloads
    0% (0)50% (3)50% (3)Vote
  • Other
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  • I don't download torrents
    0% (0)33% (2)33% (2)Vote
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  • The honorale thing to do is either to seed them for 72 hours or untill you achieve 1:1 ratio (example: you downloaded 3GB and uploaded 3GB)
    But then there's me who is an asshole who downloads them and erases them...
    Dont be an asshole like me.

    • Why do you erase them?
      Also did you know the more you upload the faster your dowload is? People who upload more are prioritized for downloads.
      I have over 2 ratio on almost all, my highest ratio is 18 :P

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    • A well I wouldn't get banned :P
      So if someone gets banned the person who invited them gets banned so the person who invited them gets banned so the whole chain of people gets banned? :P

    • No. Just the person who invited the banned one (first link) gets banned as well.
      Besides, its open to registration a few days in the year. No one knows when though. I got registered then, a few years back...

  • when they get completed download, i delete them