How to be /how to have fun single?

what is your way to live a happy life with out having that special person in your life and what do you do in your free time?

it does not have to by about dating, I mean like what do you do for your alone time or time with your friends , how ''YOU'' make your life fun?


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  • hahah well i meet new guys through tinder and dating apps or whatever and i hang out with friends and familly.
    i spend a lot of my free time working out though

    • Would you be opposed to meeting a guy at the gym?

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    • Thanks!! I'll need all the luck I can get!


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  • Go find a hobby. And do it.
    Spend more time outside.
    Go to parties with friends - might meet some guy there.

  • Anything you want. When your single you don't have to consider anyone's opinion before making decisions and you never have to compromise.

  • Stop making it a big deal. Why does this come up so often as if your lives end the moment you're sitting there doing the same shit you would have done with someone else?

    • huh? for the record this is not a big deal, at least not for me, i was just curious how people are living their life without having a special someone there, and still having a awsome time,
      you see people are alive but not all of them are living... I have heard some people blame being unhappy doom to not having that special , so enstead of asking why you single etc.. i asked the qoustion above instead

  • Just go out and meet guys. Use tinder or something.

  • find fuck friends for fantASStic fun...

    • so would you say that the best way to make your life fun is to have sex with fuck available friends?
      sounds strange to me to be honest

    • nah i just wanted to have an aliteration in F
      to have fun i hang out with my friends whether be it at a bar, at a party or just playing games with them... everytime i am with my friends i have a blast ^^

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  • Get up
    Take a shower
    In all seriousness being single is not the end of the World