Any advice for me?

I'm 18. I have 0 social life, don't even have a job yet (long story behind that one..)

Anyway, My whole family is part of a religion that's pretty regulated, not by others, but by themselves, something that's been instilled in them over many years. My mom would love nothing more than for me to sit around all day reading the bible and such.. I have 0 friends, the only potential friends are people from the congregation I go to and they're all douchebags. I literally haven't been out of the house 4 times the past couple weeks (counting out the half a mile walk to take out the trash lol) What do I do? anyone got advice?

I'm 90% sure most of you will say "Get a job." Anyone got ideas of where I can get a job? It's sad that I have to turn to you guys for that, but my dad doesn't live with us anymore and my mom works most weekdays, she doesn't necessarily want me to get a job.. I don't have a car either, so I can't just drive to work every day. I almost got a job at a place across the street but the place was filled with some pretty weird hoes, my mom shut that one down real quick..

It's actually pretty crazy, I went on omegle (if y'all know what that is) the other day and spent hours just talking to strangers, it was a lot of fun. It seems strange to enjoy such simple things so much.

So if you got this far, thank you!! got any advice for me?

I'm out of school


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  • Maybe you can get a loan from a family member to buy a second hand car? Anyway, I know it's tough and demotivating nowadays to find a job, but that doesn't mean you should give up. If you're not going to college, what else are you going to do with your life? You can't depend on your mom forever, so get it over with while you're still young.

    I don't know which country you're from, but some job agencies in my country (Belgium) offer courses for reasonable prices (rewarded with a degree). Check if you have similar opportunities. Hell, nowadays you can get some degrees from stydying at home!

    And if you're bored, try to join some group activities like including sports (soccer, basketball, self-defense, etc), hobby-classes or charities.


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  • Join the Navy. You need to get out of that situations fast.

    • I've REALLY considered the navy a time or two, it sounds so exciting but it's hard to just throw my entire past 18 years away. My family and everyone I've known would completely shut me out, I wouldn't even be able to see them or talk to them. The religion is like that. if someone leaves, the only way they can talk to anyone in the organization is joining back. I'd be saying goodbye to everything. That being said, I'd actually make some friends while I'm there as opposed to barely scraping by over here doing the bare minimum in the organization. I'm being pressured (and I'm expected to) to start spending a lot more time studying so I can rise through the ranks, while getting no actual job to advance me into adulthood.. I'd be 20+ with no job living with my mom.

      Anyway, were you in the navy?

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    • What am I misinformed about?

      And that's what I'm really looking for experience and just being able to become a man. Sounds corny but I have nothing to be proud of ha. A tech job really does sound up my ally. The fact is, my whole family would shut me out if I joined any branch of military. No contact, no nothing. I'd be on my own so if I screwed up anywhere I'd be hung out to dry

    • Well. You have to chose. Fulfilling you own ambitions or and self-actualization or ur "religion" which I don't even wanna guess what it is. Start your own life or live someone else. If you are not happy now you will never be. Good Luck.

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  • Join a gym or take yoga classes. If you are considering going to college in the Fall maybe join a fraternity you'll make a lot of friends. Try to pick up a new hobby or new sport, it'll help you make friends a lot too.


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  • Are you considering college? Hmm, maybe apply for computer aided drafting jobs; good pay and minimum educational requirements are a graduating HS. Then later on the road, you can save up money and gain experience to later on go back yo school and major in a related field, such as engineering, it etc.

    I honestly don't see the big deal though. My family is very religious, I have a 19 year old sister who never goes out and I doubt she has friends. She's not ugly, but just doesn't go out. It's always the same thing school and house, school and back to the house. She hasn't even had a boyfriend, and it's not because of her appearance but because she doesn't even bother going out. She's also not working either. My point is, if it doesn't bother her which she's in your age range, then I don't see why it should bother you.

    • My sister is 19 and she's turned down a job that was given to her. no college, no nothing, she's like me. sits at home and doesn't really do anything.

      So you're saying I should be content sitting here at a desk blowing my life away on the internet, just because it's what your sister chooses to do? I want to actually do something in my life.

      I'd actually have been in baseball if my mom let me, but no. no competitive sports. I did a year (freshman) and was the best on the team. Pitched the best ERA and had the best batting average, and I actually felt like I'd accomplished something. I haven't had that feeling since. I'm sick and tired of wasting my life doing nothing. It's all I've done the past 5 years and it's all I have to look forward to if I don't change things.

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    • @NotMyUsername15 I'll repeat again as apparently you have selective eyesight. My mom doesn't want me to get a job. (she controls my every move) I dont have a license/car. the one job I was able to come close to getting (my only obstacle is my mom) was shut down because of my would-be co workers.

      If I was FUCKING lazy, I would be playing video games right now instead of looking up life advice. THANK YOU.

    • You're a grown man already, you're not a little boy. If you continue to allow your family, especially your mom to dictate what you do in life... then you'll always be under their wing. On another comment you said you've considered going to the navy, I say you should do it. Your mom/family won't be by your side forever, and if you pass out on opportunities now due to being scared your family will never approve... then you'll forever regret that.

  • I don't know if you've considered military but I think the Marine Corps would be the best option for you.. if you got any military questions feel free to ask. Get out when you're my age.. you'll notice that most of your friends are doing the same shit.

  • If you're a student then you don't have to worry about getting a job, unless you want to.

    • I'm out of school, sorry I forgot to add that. Updated