I've had it with MY sister and her boyfriend Not helping out?

My younger sister is 24 with a 15 month old and lives with our mother my sisters boyfriend also lives there. My sister and her boyfriend work and never help out with any bills or pay rent. But yet they have money to burn at Hotels, cookouts etc while living at our mother's for free. I've just about had it and want to tell them off but dont want to start any trouble. Now my older sister and I are thinking of ways to help out. She lost her job a week ago and I'm on disability and yet still help. What should I do.


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  • When you figure this one out, please let me know!!! I'm in almost the exact same situation. My brother and his girlfriend live with my mother and I, they pay no bills, my mother and I raise their 3 year old daughter and you have to guilt trip my brother (he's 26, I'm 37) to take the trash out!!!
    For me, my concern is for my niece, which ties my hands. The last time we gave ultimatums, the girlfriend took my niece and disappeared for over a month. I work 2 jobs and care for my niece 25-30 hours a week. Short of attempting to gain custody of her and then evicting them, I'm out of ideas.

    • Sorry to hear I would threaten them with child protection services if they dont get their act together maybe then theyll learn to help out.

  • I think you should just approach it and ask why she's not contributing to your mothers rent or bills since she is letting her live there.

    • My younger sister is an ass. She only thinks of herself.

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  • unfortunately it's up to your mum if she charges them rent and ask for help with the bills.

    I see where you're coming from but a lot of parents won't and don't want to take money from the children just help them out.

    • The one speculation she told my sister and her boyfriend was if there gonna move in they had to pay its been 2 months and nothing.

    • think you're right then your mum needs to say shape up or ship out.