Broken headphones or headphone jack?

Hi everyone! I've been having issues with my headphones since yesterday. They were plugged into my iPhone and I suddenly found that the voices in my music were becoming very distant, tinny and echoy. I fiddled with the jack a bit and it went in and out of clarity but then settled on tinny. As I was at the gym I thought it was possible that the phone had got wet from dripping sweat or dust so I blew inside the jack which made no difference. I checked it on my computer and am experiencing the same problems... Anyone know how to fix it and whether it's a problem with the jack or the speakers in the headphones?

These aren't apple headphones. They're new VEP-020-NPNG stereo headphones


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  • Well the only way to know is by process of elimination. It could be either the headphones or the headphone jack. Try using the headphones in something else and see if they still do it. If so then my guess would be the headphones are the problem. If not then the headphone jack may be the problem. Also you can try a different pair of headphones on your iPhone and see if it still happen. If so then I would say your headphone jack is the problem. If not then I would say it was the headphones.


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  • apple headphones?, yea.. you need a new one. no way around it.

    • Not apple headphones. They're pretty new. VEP-020-NPNG stereo headphones... pretty pissed off that they've stopped working.

    • overheads or buds?

  • Mostlikely broken headphones. Even tho their new, they could be broken. I've had new head phones before, that worked fin for a couple of days than had issues distorted and missing sound.


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  • You need to buy new ones!