Internet pop-ups! Help?

Guys seriously,
when a pop-up comes up promising the world amount of money in a certain period of time, how many people fall for it? There are already so many out there that promise the exact same thing and if even one of them were true why do they not keep the money or at least do something good with it and give it to those they know who really need it!
And what is with the stupid website saying that there are all these babes nearby that want to have sex with me? I am a freaking female already and I sure as hell hope that these chicks are not wanting to get intimate with me!
By the way, this is more of a vent rather than a question because I JUST CAN'T GET THE STUPID INTERNET FROM REDIRECTING OR FROM POP-UPS APPEARING!!! I tried EVERYTHING. It just won't stop :(
Any help out there?


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  • You most likely have some kind of spyware. They come with free download games, etc. First, if you have the name of the Popup software (like "Adware" is common", then google how to remove it. Then add a Popup blocker to your browser. Depending on your computer's age, and your chosen browser it can be easy. Just google "Popup blocker" and you current browser version


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  • Get Google Chrome, then download Adblocker and walaaaaa, no more adverts.

    Some people do fall for some adverts and spam e-mails, but thankfully, not that many. They pray on the vulnerable - that one in a million.


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  • Either get Chrome + adBlock extension or start using Opera which has a built in AdBlock

  • If you're on PC, you can use UBlock Origin

    If you're on phone... well, you'd need root access and then use AdAway

  • Adblock Plus and Ghostery are all you'll ever need. Both available for Firefox and Chrome.

  • Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    ... sorry, I couldn't resist ! :)

    Your comment made me think of this:

    as for your question, this should help:
    "Remove Pop-up Ads from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome":

    • Oh god that is hilarious! From which series is that from? :P

    • Glad you liked it :) British humor is right up my alley; well, okay, irish humor as well, such as "Father Ted" and "Mrs. Brown's Boys" - the sentence from me above, the "Have you tried turning it off and on again" is from this:

      As for the series name is - The IT Crowd

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  • If you go to your internet settings you can not allow pop ups