Getting money for suing after being sully harassed…?

its a long story, but on the job i was sexually harassed at a stop i do. i drive for a living and at a stop i was sexually harassed. i was told i could file charges if i wanted to by my company HR. that they have a lawyer incase i wanted to. this happened back in like February or March. from time to time i get creeped out by the memory. a bit shakie. its kind of affecting my daily life…sometimes i can't atop thinking about it…I hear people get money from suing. is it possible for me to get money out of this?

all info would help. thanks.

sexually harrassed...


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What Girls Said 2

  • After waiting so long i doubt it would work out well. If youd have filed right away it would have worked out better.
    Why are you worried about getting money?

  • You can file harassment charges, but you would have stood a much better chance if you'd filed them at the time.


What Guys Said 1

  • It would be if sexism didn't exist. You're male, so either no one will believe you or they'll just have a very light punishment for whoever did it. If it's a girl who harassed you, you'll probably end up just getting arrested for false claims the girl will end up making against you, which probably will be rape. But what do I know? I'm a kid and therefor not allowed to have an opinion as said by my 6th grade music teacher. Good luck, you'll need it if you press charges. Bye!