Text decoder needed please? I met a guy on a forum, then we group chatted and private chatted and Skype voice called. He seems to sending mesomething?

Me: Do you like the timezone difference? Him: No I wish I was nearer to you : Well I'm looking for the day you move to new York hehe Maybe I'll come to visit you haha when exactly? One year? Me: This year or next year after I graduate Him: Lol yes Maybe I'll come and visit you! Srsly I wouldn't mind NY No more strict parents :) Me: haha okay Yeah Me: Last night I had a weird dream Him: What was it me? XD I'm really weird lol Me: no I don't know couldn't see the person's face Him: argh I hate when it is like that Me: Yeah I'm like its so nice the dream and him and why I can't see the face Him: XD cuz it means u will find someone I don't know XD But it doesn't know yet Me: I hope so yeah Him: or something:) Me: someone lol Him: XD this may sound weird at 00:24 but... Actually you know what let's keep it as a topic for tmr :) Me: But I don't like suspense Him: why XD Me: who likes it? Him: ... Me: ... Him: :) Me: bye for now Him: bye :) bye For now lol Me: yeah Him: I'll see you tomorrow? Me: yes I'll try Him:CX ye XD Me: blushing emoji Ok that emoji was so weird Him: No XD bye lol Me: bye XD Sorry the convo was long. I like his personality but I'm scared he won't like me when we meet. Do you think I should continue talking to him. I don't want to get attach and hurt his feelings if I choose not to meet one day. we both live far from NY He wants to call me quite a lot. What do you think he thinks of me? Thank U everyone. P. s. tbh we only met a week ago. But we talked a lot. I'm 17. Gosh I know its a weird question CX


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  • Whaddup


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  • He sounds like he is really interested in you. All I can say is not worry about it, continue to talk as friends and when you meet, if he doesn't like you then its his lost. You sound like you are a wonderful person and I dont think he would be disappointed. All the best :)

    • Oh thank you so much for your opinion. You are also nice to answer this question. ^-^

    • @Asker, no probs :)