How to make new friends in a new town?

I lost my friends when I had to move away. I live in a new town and attend community college. I don't have a car anymore and am broke.

When I was in middle school, I used to go home everyday and be home alone all by my self all day. I can't go through that again. How do I meet and stay into contact with people when- what do people like talking about? What makes people want to stay friends or see each other again. You see people talking about people they know, I don't know any of those people. Do I try to get them to let me in on whatever their talking about or is that weird?


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  • Chat to every one in collage!
    Someone next to u in class, cafeteria, club. Ask people what do people do in this town and where. Maybe ask them to show you the places.
    Meet tons of people then you see who clicks with you and who doesn't.

    I have a serious problem with names so I usually write down ppl's names on my phone and where did I meet them. Call them by their names to feel some familiarity.
    Good luck


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  • Join a club and try to be friendly with everyone lol


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  • Okay you say you lost friends when you moved - So how did you become friends with them, think about it and do the same in your new college - Don't overthink it just be yourself, allow people to meet and like the real you, be natural than learn new tricks because that is what they are. Real friendships happen rather than get created.