To users 18 and under, what sites do you spend most of your time on?

Hey! I'm trying to figure out where teens spend most of their time these days, because im trying to get a product out there that i think teens will like, but i'm not sure of exactly where they all spend most of their time these days, as i'd like to try and go directly to them to advertise my product. Im aware that a lot of them spend time on instagram and snapchat... but are there any other places... especially forums (like gaming forums for example) that you guys like to visit.


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  • ... when i was under 18, i spent a lot of my time on miniclip. com lmao. the good ol days.

    • never heard of that one, haha. whats it about

    • Website used for flash games, but popularity has gone down drastically

    • @FL1ppY yeah that. it's totally gone downhill lol

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  • Well depends on your product. When it comes to gaming, gamers use a program called steam, other than that it's facebook, youtube and perhaps bloggers? Not quite sure about the last one, I know I don't use it, but the mainstream bloggers here in Norway do earn quite a lot.


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  • I usually just check on Facebook and my email, with a few other things thrown in sometimes. I enjoy looking up information on games and game engines as well, but not as much.

    Good luck with your product!

    • ah cool cool. If you don't mind me asking, do you frequent any particular groups on facebook?

    • Not really, I tend to just check up on my friends/see if there is any interesting news.

  • Reddit, 4chan, Steam