Presidential 3rd party ticket?

Given the Trump/Hillary contest, would you or are you exploring 3rd party options?

Libertarian... Green Party?

  • Yes - I'll take a look a them
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  • No - I only believe in 2 party system
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  • If Hillary is the best thing the Democratic Party can deliver then we definitely need a third party. She has zero credibility.

    • Agree... I would have voted for Elizabeth Warren! shed be my top pick on that side.

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  • I wish I did have a 3rd party candidate I support.

    Jill Stein's lack of executive experience combined with lofty goals is wishful at best. And her affinity for pseudoscience (vaccines, homeopathy, etc.) is really troubling to me.

    I do agree with Gary Johnson on good portion of issues. But watching him stumble trying to defend his proposal to eliminate the minimum wage among other things made me reconsider.

    • that's in sightful, I need to study up. I like Gary Johnson, not sure he's presidential material, but like how he thinks... realize there is always congress to balance them out anyway we go.

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  • No I am voting for Trump

    • great wall of trump, destroy isis brick by brick.

    • Donald will teach Mexican visa workers judo and send them to iran to karate chop isis

  • I've always though third party candidates were more reasonable, but even with two shitty candidates, there is no chance for a 3rd party candidate to win - so there is no point in voting for one.

    3rd party option just simply don't get enough media coverage to be considered a legitimate option.