What would you do? Would you leave her? Or help her or what?

Okay so your girlfriend is 16 and you were going to hangout but she called you and said she was sorry she couldn't she was watching her niece. And she tells you she's really sorry but she's basically raising her niece now... but she still really like you maybe even loves u but she can't just leave the baby because no one else will really take care of her. What would you do?


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  • Who the hell leaves someone for taking care of their own family? What is one douchebag boy against a family? A good boyfriend wouldn't leave over that and would understand his girlfriend's situation. You guys can hangout another time.


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  • i'd say that's cool. hope we can hang out soon and perhaps see if we could set up something in the future

    if our relationship is failure deep i may ask if she wants me to come over and help look after her niece

    definitely wouldn't leave her

  • Help her


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